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r129Low-Fat Mexican CookbookAnother Mexican Cookbook as these seem to be extremely popular along with Crockpot and Casserole cookbooks. Salsas and Dips: Basic Salsa,Salsa picante, Quick salsa, Black bean dip, Creamy pinto bean dip; Breakfasts: Skillet potatoes, Breakfast burritos; Soups and Salads: Gazpacho, Pinto bean soup,Taco soup, Fiesta salad, Potato salad, Turkey and rice salad; Side Dishes: Spanish rice, Green chile mashed potatoes, Chile cornbread; Main Dishes: Bean tostadas,Cheese enchiladas, Beef fajitas; Desserts: Flan, Sweet tortilla roll-ups and much more in this interesting and delectable book.$22.50