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r167Week Night CookingI have put these three books together. They have been contributed by Dale Campbell of Blind Mice Mega mall. They are three wonderful little books put out by Campbell's to help the modern cook to get a meal on the table as quickly as possible after a busy day at work. The first book: Power of the Pantry gives tips and information of what one should have on hand to prepare a family meal in less than one hour. Potluck for all occasions gives recipes one can transport without too much hassle, either at home or when you arrive at a party or picnic. The final one: Week Night Cooking gives easy and nourishing recipes to have a meal on the table as quickly as possible after being away from home all day. There are even croc pot recipes. Also, as far as I can glean there isn't a duplicate in any of the books. Another wonderful addition to these books is a Metric Conversion chart at the end of each book. I have several conversion charts but feel this one surpasses them all. You can either purchase these books separately for $20 or as a set$45.00