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r190Licensed to cook New Mexican Style, Book II.THE LAND OF ENCHANTMENT. New Mexico is geographically complex; it's located where the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, and range and basin landforms meet. It includes hot springs and artesian wells, caves, extinct volcanoes, old and recent lava flows, ash deposits, ancient coast and sea beds, upheavals and faults, the fifth-largest river in the United States, and the Continental Divide. Elevations range from 2,800 to more than 13,000 feet above sea level and include six of the seven life zones found on earth, from Lower Sonoran to Arctic-Alpine. Ten million acres are national forest land, and thirteen million acres of public land are managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Native-American pueblos and reservations occupy a smaller, yet significant portion of the state. More than 44.6 million acres are farms and ranches. There are stretches of mal pais (badlands) that are fun to visit but you couldn't live there. However, you could partake of New Mexican wonderful culinary fare. Try some of these mouth-watering recipes. Mexican Quiche without crust, Spanish egg breakfast egg casserole, Breakfast burritos, New Mexican pepper casserole, New Mexican manicotti in the microwave, Fish vera cruz, New Mexican style, Avocado salad, Green chile spoon bread, Indian pudding,Flan, Easy fresh apple cake, Lemon cream pie and more.$17.50