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r200MUG MEALS, DELICIOUS MICROWAVE RECIPESWithin these 95 pages you will find a fantastic selection of recipes you can make in a mug. Breakfast: Double berry french toast, Banana peanut butter oatmeal, Eggs Florentine, Kitchen sink eggs with vegetables, Whole-Grain oat berry muffin. Lunch: Chicken mole burrito, Pizza toss, Spring fried rice with asparagus, Indian red beans over rice, Classic chicken soup, Tomato soup with parmesan, Spicy Korean meatballs, Classic shepherd's pie, Classic American veggie burger, Hawaiian style pinepple fried rice. DESSERTS Banana caramel pie, Cherry brown Betty, Peanut butter and chocolate ice cream sundae, Peach melba, Chocolate crispy rice cookies, Classic gingerbread, Nutella cake, Lime pie rice pudding, orange marmalade sponge cake.$22.50