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r80Barbecue FavoritesI have been asked to compile a barbecue cookbook, especially with recipes that one can do indoors, but yet tastes as if they were done on the grill. Here is what I came up with and hope it is satisfactory. There are sections on Beef, Pork, Brisket, Chicken, Turkey, ribs, miscellaneous and even sauces. Among the recipes you will find:Savory Beef Barbecue, Italian Beef, Oven Barbecue Beef, Kansas Brisket, Microwave Chicken, Fruited Barbecue Chicken, Diet Chicken Barbecue, Easy Crock Pot Pork, Chinese pork, Indoor ribs, Turkey cups, Chicken Sauce, Sauce for Pork Chops, Fish Bake, Vegetables on the Barbecue, etc$16.50